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My interview with Boston Voyager Magazine

Boston Voyager Magazine  | November 30, 2017I was delighted to be highlighted in Boston Voyager Magazine. Please read my interview to get to know me and my business better : interview link
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Budget helper: Cooking at home

As the weather is crisper and our calendars are booking up with festive events, thoughts come back to my cooking demonstration client event around this time in 2015.  I try to make learning about personal finances more interesting by relating topics to daily life. Food is a budget item to discuss with many when financial planning. 
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Are you paid what the job is worth; Is negotiating pay different for women?

Pay negotiation strategies from my client event's expert speaker, Katie Donovan
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Equifax Data Breach: What Should You Do?

Steps you can take with a credit security breach
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Cybersecurity Tips

In today's highly digitized world, the most common avenues through which a criminal will commit fraud or identity theft will likely be through your credit or computer.Here are some easy financial tips to help keep your credit safe.
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Why consider a will?

Learn about what you need to think about when it comes to your will with my guest authored article on the Boston Mamas site.
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Three things you should not overlook

So much of our lives are intertwined with our finances, I wanted to share three items you may not realize might need your attention!
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Financial Literacy: How to head towards financial security

Are you worried about becoming a baglady? You may be surprised to see who else is concerned in this Financial Security post
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Financial Literacy: How To Start Saving For College

Curious about how the tooth fairy and tuition are related? Please read my article How To Start Saving For College . I am proud to be a contributing author getting the word out on the Boston Mamas site.
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Financial Literacy: How To Teach Kids To Budget

It starts with a budget! Please read my article on the Boston Mamas website: Teaching Kids To Budget
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Personal Contingency Planning Basics

So, what is an estate? Estate planning is universal and crosses both gender and age. Many think you must have expensive possessions to qualify. An estate can be as simple as just having a pet. Nearly all of us have an estate. I welcomed Attorney Kerry Reilly as my guest speaker to help inform about the importance of estate planning. This includes both personal and family contingency planning.
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Budget item for attention: charitable contributions

My budget lesson: charitable contributions I bring charitable contributions as a budget item for attention, as I noticed it has been popping up on the radar of my own budget. Boston, the marvelous city it is, had countless charitable organizations. You may also receive asks from friends bravely running or biking endless kilometers for worthy causes who would like your support.  There are never ending public policy issues requesting backing. Often memorial gifts are charitable donations
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