Confronting budgeting challenges

Have you ever wondered why you are having trouble stickling to a reasonable budget? Does the word "budget" have negative connotations to you? My guest speaker, Dasha Tcherniakovskaia, Financial Therapist, JD, LMHC will talk about techniques she helps her clients with to help overcome emotional hurdles in budgeting. Even with a rational budget I could help you put together, being mindful of emotional triggers could help you stick to your spending plan better.

I emphasize the importance of starting your financial planning with a budget. Where you spend your money should align with your personal values and priorities. Budgeting seems like an exercise in simple math, but it can be emotional as well.

Techniques in budgeting resonate differently; there is not just one universal method that appeals to all. Whether you use software, apps, your memory, or pencil & paper, come ready to share a:

  • Budgeting win, what has worked for you
  • Budgeting challenge, what is holding you up

I'll highlight budgeting strategies that have worked for different people and how to overcome common pitfalls. My goal for our morning is for you to come away with new ideas to be more successful with your spending plan. I will have a Zoom link to share for attendees to enjoy the workshop remotely. I will also have a limited number of seats available at my office if you rather join in-person. Please state your preference when you RSVP. 


When: Sunday, October 4, 2020 - 10:00am- 11:30am
Where: Sandra's office, 101 Federal Street, 19th Floor, Boston, MA 02110

Zoom link will be available to join remotely.
Host: Sandra Gilpatrick
Phone: 617.314.7575
Directions: A brief walk from both South Station and Downtown Crossing T stops