Mindfulness for Health, Wealth and Well-Being

You are invited to my next workshop:

Mindfulness for Health, Wealth and Well-Being

Designed to help you manage today’s stress, my speaker will introduce you to proven techniques to improve immune system functioning, reduce the risk of heart attack, help faster healing as well as provide other health benefits. In this one-hour discussion you’ll learn:

  • The dangers of toxic stress to your health and wealth
  •  Several convenient and easy-to-use Mindfulness techniques
  •  The benefits that consistent Mindfulness practice has on the body and brain, resulting in better health and financial decision making

Speaker: Thomas Klisiewicz, Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, CPLP, received certification through Mass General Hospital

When: Monday, September 27, 2021 - 5:00pm- 6:00pm
Where: Zoom link will be sent after registration
Host: Sandra Gilpatrick
Phone: 617.314.7575